Couture sewing patterns

ELiQU sewing patterns are designed to make you look your best in your everyday life. Each pattern brings you a little bit of everyday magic straight from your sewing room. Our sewing patterns are inspired by haute couture, but designed to be used in your everyday life - but not in a boring and basic way. Our highest aim is to send you out into your life dressed in velvet and silk and wonderful clothes that makes you shine - and still enables you to live your life and do the things, you have to do. Whatever that may be.

Everyday magic from your sewing room. Because your clothes should fit you - not the other way around.

Made with love

All patterns are made with love and care (and a few tears, when everything goes wrong, just before everything goes right) in our sewing studio in Denmark.

Print at home

All patterns are available as PDF downloads to be printed in A4 or A3 format. If possible, we recomend you print in A3 for better accuracy. A4 is such a bore to assemble.

Easy to follow sewing instructions

Follow the sewing instructions to get a well-sewn new favorite garment. Not enough for you? Find more guidance on the blog.
ELIQU Paeonia Blouse
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    We made this
    A lot of people are involved in the making of ELiQU sewing patterns. Signe and Isabella are the main power-women behind the sewing patterns. Signe is a tailor and the boss-lady. Isabella is her tailoring apprentice. We also get help from Josephine, who devolp embroideries for future designs, Ninna, who pulls the stings to keep the webshop running smoothly, Bibi, who takes the wonderfull pictures and Sabine, who tells us when we're off course and guides us back into our magical ELiQU universe.
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    Made in Denmark
    ELiQU sewing is based in Denmark in the 2nd largest town, Aarhus. It's woth a visit, if your're in Denmark, and we'd love to send you in the direction of some of the amazing fabric shops in the neighbourhood.
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    Well designed scandinavian vibes
    We can't help but being inspired by the colour tones and the shapes and silhuettes in the scandinavian nature, and we try to capture the nordic vibe in our designs. We also can't help to be raised with clothes having to be practical and to be able to dress for any weather (especially rain and wind). So we have done our best to make sewing patterns for clothes, our inner divas would wear and our moms approve. In short: well designed favorite clothes.
  • 04
    The name
    The name ELiQU comes from the latin word Eliquare. It means to "refine (an industrial product)". We had done just that, as we had updated the basic women slopers to a more modern and better fit. So we thought Eliquare to be a nice name for our new sewing patterns, that are built upon those refined slopers. But it's not an easy word to say. So we came up with the shorter version ELiQU and liked it right away.
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    Please share
    We are soooooo curious! Please share your makes with us using #eliqusewing #everydaymagic #fromyoursewingroom

How ELiQU came to be…

ELiQU Sewing Patterns is founded by danish tailor and patternmaker Signe Eriksen. Signe graduated in 2006 and after 5 years in the danish fashion industry, she started her own company in 2011, where she teaches sewing and patternmaking. With the company came the website and the sewing blog www.skaberlyst.dk. The Skaberlyst blog has won prices for best craft/diy blog in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 in Denmark.

One day Signe asked for models to come and test her newly developed sewing patterns for one of her online classes. A lot of wonderfull women of all sizes came to help fill the clothes with real bodies (and not just mannequins).

Isabella was one of those wonderfull women. When she had tried on the clothes, and assured there was nothing else needed from her, she asked if she could be a tailoring apprentice.

As in any fairytale there were obstacles and witches on the way. In this case a lot of cracy administrating of silly rules and politics, that we are not gonna bore you with today.

In august 2018 Isabella had her first day in the sewing studio, and we started the work to build ELiQU sewing patterns.

The rest is a true fairytale… you can follow it on the blog and on our Instagram and Facebook.

This is not easy

ELiQU sewing patterns for skilled sewers

Being tailors, we decided not to make basic sewing patterns. The world is already full of them. So we have added more details to our designs, and our sewing patterns are not for total beginners. We guide you through in the sewing instructions, but we also expect for you to have basic sewing skills. On the back of each pattern you find the skills needed and the ones we guide you through in the instructions.
We design mainly for woven fabrics, although knittet fabrics might pop up from time to time.
Sewing skills level 70%
Fit for everyday use 80%
Woven fabrics 95%

This is what they say about us in the sewing rooms

We make our sewing patterns to make it possible for you to sew wonderfull clothes. And we love to hear from you. This is what some of the lovely ladies sewing our designs have to say about them.

Ready to try one of our patterns?