#02 Lavendula Dress

Lavendula Dress is originally designed to be a dress for special occasions and to be sewn in luxurious silks and draping fabrics, as it is in the pictures.

But when we tested the pattern for fit, we chose cheaper fabrics and it turned out quite perfect for everyday variations of the dress. So depending on your choice of fabric, Lavendula may well be your new favorite dress for a bit of everyday magic for a rainy day, as well as your go-to pattern for a party dress.

Depending on the fabric, Lavendula Dress can be very elegant, almost formal or full of fun. She might even get a country feeling if you style her with heavy boots.

Lavendula Dress has a lot of wonderful details. Let’s go through them all:


The raglan sleeves

The raglan sleeves are designed with an outside seam. The seam allows for easy adjustment of the upper arm width and makes it easy for you to achieve a comfortable fit for the sleeves.

Besides being comfortable, the raglan sleeves are flattering to almost any arm. The sleeve length is either 3/4 length or a short t-shirt length. But of course, you can make any sleeve length you prefer (or your fabric allows).

The sleeves are slim for a flattering look, but not too tight. You need to be able to bend and move your arms with no restraint, and these raglan sleeves allow for that.

The sleeves are placed quite high under the arm and the bottom of the armhole is shaped as a set-in sleeve to allow for better arm movement. This result in a rather weird shape of the raglan seams, but trust the lines – they look like that to give you better freedom of movement.


The darts

The bust dart and the waist dart are joined in a french dart from the waistline. French darts allow for a very fitted figure with fewer darts to sew. In many fabrics, the french darts will be almost invisible, making it look like the fabric magically wraps itself around your body.

Combined with the tie band, the french darts compliment the waist and add a feminine figure to the dress.

At the back, there is both a center back seam and a total of four darts to allow for easy fitting no matter what shape your back may have.


The neckline

The neckline is a boat neck at the front but a V-neck at the back.

The neckline is designed to show your back but not your bra.

Even in the bigger sizes, where bras typically have broader straps, they will be covered by the dress. So no worries about what to wear underneath, even though the dress has a deep neckline at the back.

A boat neck is flattering to almost anyone. So, you’re welcome…


The tie band

At the waist, we have added a tie band. It is sewn into the waistline seam at the front and tied in a large bow at the back.

The bow and tie band at the back add a bit of magical movement to the dress when you walk around.

The tie band has a few interesting sewing techniques to it, that we developed when designing the dress. In order to achieve the perfect placement for the tie band, it is sewn onto the top of the dress at the front. See how it is done in the sewing instructions.


The Circle skirt

The skirt is a half-circle. To get the most beautiful drape in the fabric, it is cut in single layer fabric as a front and back piece and sewn together at the side seams.

We know that you can fold the fabric and have only one seam in a circle skirt, but that will leave the fabric with uneven grainlines and result in uneven drapes in the fabric.

With the side seams you get a beautiful fluid feeling in the entire skirt, making the dress equally magical no matter which angle you see it from.

The skirt is midi length, inspired by the 1930’s. This is not the easiest skirt length to style, so pay attention to your shoes. In high heels and not too heavy shoos, you get a very feminine and elegant silhouette with this hem length. With heavy boots, it is a whole other story.

The Lavendula Dress can be styled in many ways especially by choosing another pair of shoes or boots to go with the skirt length.

And you can always, of course, shorten or lengthen the skirt as you please.


We are totally in love with the Lavendula Dress, and we hope, you will love yours as well.
We look forward to see your creations. You can show us your makes by using #lavenduladress #eliqusewing.



Our model and fabric choices:

Thanks a lot to wonderful Sophie, who models the Lavendula Dress. Sophie is a size 42 with a larger bust. The dress is fitted to her in a test garment, and we recommend you do the same for yourself, to get the perfect, personal fit.

Sophies Lavendula Dress is made from a lightweight silk satin from www.stofshop.dk.

The silk has a grading color that fades from blue to purple. This took some extra fabric in order to get the colors to fade properly. The dress is lined with our Habotai Silk Lining, that you can shop right here.

Note: The fabrics may be out of stock. But we can always recommend shopping at the stores we use. They are filled with quality fabrics.

  • AW 19/20
  • Woven fabric
  • Size 32-48