Applique Scissors Duckbill

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15 cm  (5 29/32″) long

This is, of course, a great scissor for applique, but we use it for other techniques in our sewing room.

This is simply the perfect scissor for cutting down seam allowance in jersey hems and for trimming seam allowance in french seams.



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We use this scissor mainly for trimming seam allowance in jersey hems and for trimming the seam allowance in french seams before the seam is turned over and sewn right sides together. But you may find it usefull for other purposes as well. It is quite good as an applique scissor as well, we are told.



Vi bruger hovedsageligt applikationssaksen til at klippe sømrummet ned i oplægninger i jersey og til at klippe sømrummet i franske sømme ned, inden de vendes og syes ret mod ret. Men du kan sikkert finde andre ting, den også er perfekt til. Vi har blandt andet ladet os fortælle at den er ret god til applikering.


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